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Understanding the Receiving Log

The Receiving Log is an overview of everything you have received

The log includes:  

  1. What you received: Product name, Animal Type, Lot # (if there is one)
  2. Who you received it from: could be a harvester or dealer
  3. How much you received.
  4. When it arrived & receiving temperature

Useful features inside the receiving log:

  • Tap on any of the received items to view more information about that particular receiving record or to make edits. Learn more.
  • Sort or filter the Receive Log List so you can find things you've received from a specific vendor, or of a specific Animal Type or Brand (see an example below)
  • Export the list to a spreadsheet or PDF to satisfy your HACCP log requirements. Learn more.
  • The receive log can display INCOMING and RECEIVED lots. Here's how "INCOMING" works:
    • When you scan a BlueTrace tag to receive it, it does two important things:
      • 1) Saves you time so you don't have to manually enter all the info from the tag  and
      • 2) Creates a connection to that organization so you will automatically get notified when they ship you products in the future - this is called "Incoming" - learn more about advanced shipping notifications & emails
    • The list of incoming lots provides you with a heads up of what's being shipped to you from any of your vendors who are also using BlueTrace.
    • You can build orders against these incoming lots in the BlueTrace distributor app and print tags for those items before you receive.