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How Do I Export My Log?

We have two logs: Receiving Log and Order Log both of which can be easily exported as spreadsheets or PDFs for HACCP or other uses.

The export function will email you a CSV which can  be opened as a spreadsheet in either excel or Google sheets. Or you can download PDF which is formatted so all your data can fit on a single sheet of paper for easy printing. The PDF is designed to serve as a HACCP log. 

The log includes any records you've created in either the Receiving or Orders.  Note: If you have results filtered (say clams only) the export will reflect your filter (clams only).

To download your log:

  1. Navigate to the  Receiving or Orders tab.
  2. Pick the Date Range
  3. Pick PDF or CSV (spreadsheet)
  4. Email address (this will default to the user's email addres)