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How do I set up the BlueTrace Distributor Solution?

Most of the controls for the wholesaler product are in the "Settings" menu located in the lower right-hand corner.



Initial Setup

  • Work down the Settings menu from top to bottom filling in all relevant information beginning with
  • Dealer Info This is what will print on the top of your tag.  (address, website, phone...)
  • Certs: These are your state/federal/provincial/local certifications. 
    • A Menu will appear for you to select Depuration, Repacker, Reshipper, Shellstock Shipper or Shucker Packer (see below) *NOTE the end of your cert # usually reflects the cert (ex: SP = Shucker Packer):
  • Select whether or not you utilize Wet Storage & your preferred temperature unit
  • Item Code: Some companies use this. 
  • Employees: A list for your HACCP log
  • Brands:  What do you call your product.  Examples: Deluxbury, French Kiss....
  • Harvest Location:  Typically a two part field: Duxbury, MA CCB 31
  • Size/Cull: Petites, Markets, Littlenecks, Countnecks...
  • Vendors:  Who do you buy product from?
  • Original Shippers: Often the same as vendors (and therefor no need to add here).
  • Packed In: 10lbs bags, 60lbs totes....
  • Customers: Who buys/receives your product? If you include an email address, you can automatically email them notifications of incoming.  If you include the address, we will print that on the labels to avoid confusion. 
  • Shipping Methods: Truck routes typicall (Araho to Ocean Express).  Can also be something like:  Pick up, Airfreight, 

In addition to adding items in settings, you can also add all fields inline 

  1. If you are receiving something new, just "+Add New Brand"  
  2. If it is a new vendor (or new size, harvest location...) just click "Add" in the upper right.

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