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How Do I Receive Product?

Scan, Enter or Copy

You have three options to add a new item to your receiving log:

1) Scan a BlueTrace tag

2) Enter a new tag

3) Copy an existing entry and change key information (date, quantity, location...)


Details are below:

1) Scan: If it is a BlueTrace tag, just scan it and confirm the information. Any tag refers to the entire incoming lot--for example if there are 80 bags of mussels any tag will do.  

Image from iOS (107)      Image from iOS (108)

2) Enter: If it is a non-BlueTrace tag, receiving is still easy.

  1. Select Receive in bottom navigation
  2. Click "New" in the upper right
  3. Select the product and fill in the data.

Note: You can do partial data.  For example, you could record that you receiving 50lbs of clams from Bob and come back later to fill in harvest location, time or other data points. 

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words.  Take a pic of a tag or a Bill of Lading can save troubles later on.  


Select the product you are receiving:  Note you can always add a new product and it will be in your list next time.


Enter the total quantity, the packed in information and the number of packs.  For example: 120lbs total, packed in 12, 10lbs Bags.  If you need to do a quantity we don't offer, then you can write in what ever you need. 


Enter the information about that order (in most cases it is selecting from a list). Note that if the vendor you receive from is a harvester, we will assume you are the Original Shipper.  If not, we will assume they are the original shipper. 

You can leave information blank and fill it in later if you are running out of time.  

Image from iOS (109)


3: Copy an existing entry

Once you have a group of entries, you can often just copy and change key information--like the Quantity, date and time.