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How do I record Shipments/Orders?

Start on the Orders Tab

Orders are used in the system to track which lots were sent to each customer. Generally if you are sending multiple lots to a customer, you want to track everything you sent to them and print tags and labels for the order - this flow helps you accomplish that.

  1. Tap on Orders in the tab bar anchored to the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap "New" in the upper right
  3. Select a customer

See image below for these first three steps, then continue.  

For the "Choose Lots" screen, we default to lots received in the last 3 days. You can change that.  You can also scan a tag to pick the lots. 

Fill In The Order

Next, you'll fill out the order details - put in the order details that matter your business.  You can always leave things blank either forever or temporarily if you're prepping orders in BlueTrace ahead of time - folks prepping orders later can fill in the key details. 

  1. At the top you can fill in shipping date/time, temperatures, shipping methods and you can choose to print a manifest tag, which is a summary of everything in the order
  2. You can fill in accounting and delivery information and even include a photo of documents like BOLs 
  3. And finally, set any information you'd like recorded for each lot on the order
    1. We'll review quantity down below
    2. You might want to specify wet storage end information here or set a UPC to be printed on the tag

Set the Quantity for Each Lot

  1. Tap Quantity for each lot
  2. Tap a favorite, e.g. "100 count bags"
  3. Then set the number of bags and number of tags you'd like to print
  4. Tap Done
  5. Do this for each lot, then tap "Save and print"

For more information on how quantity works - check out this article.

Your Saved Orders

Once you've saved your order you can see it saved in the list of all orders. Tap on any order in the list of orders to see or edit the details.

At the top of the order details screen you have three areas:

  1. Actions: where you can add to the order, print or reprint, email the order details to a customer, copy the order or delete it
  2. Shipping info: where you can adjust the shipping, accounting, or delivery info
  3. Lots: where you can see all the lots added to the order, remove a lot by swiping it to the left, or edit details for a lot