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How do I record Shipments/Orders?

Start on the Orders Tab

On the Orders tab, start a new order. 

1) Pick the customer that will receive the product.  (Note: you can enter them in line or set them up in the Settings tab.)

2) Pick the product lots they will be receiving.  Note: we default to lots received in the last 3 days, but you can change that.

3) Enter the key information about the shipment:  Note:  This is all optional.  


Image from iOS (110)


Choose what you are sending them.  We default to lots received in the last 3 days. You can change that.  You can also scan a tag to pick the lots. 

Image from iOS (111)


Put in the order details that matter your business.  You can always leave things blank.  So folks prep orders for the next day and fill in the key details later. 

Image from iOS (112)



Choose the quantity of each lot you are shipping out. 

Image from iOS (113)

You can always edit an order (add new items, change quantities, reprint tags....)

Image from iOS (114)