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Creating and printing a tag

Printing with the Tagging app is easy. Enter in tag information, then print right away, or print later.

  1. At the top of the screen, tap the name of the tag, ex: Harvest Tag or Dealer Tag, then select the type of tag you'd like to create
  2. Enter all the information you'd like to capture about the product you are tagging. Then tap "Next" at the top of the screen.
    1. As you are filling in the data, you may notice that a list of data (known as a "picker") is displayed to help you quickly make selections. This "picker" is fueled by information from your settings. Visit Settings any time to change/update your picker data. 
    2. Also, for speedy data entry, we remember the information you last entered into a tag form. If that data is incorrect, just edit that form field.
  3. Next, you'll be asked to enter the quantity. And on this screen you need to set a few key bits of information:
    1. At the very top you can pick if you'd like to print right after saving
    2. You can select the unit you're using to measure your lot/harvest - bags, boxes, bushels, or you can write in the quantity
    3. Next enter the total number for that unit, e.g. 25 boxes or 10 pounds
    4. For a bag or box, you'd need to let the system know how many animals are in each box or bag, so enter Pieces per Bag or Pieces per Box

Print or reprint later.

  • To print the tag at a later time, on the quantity screen, don't enable "print on save" before saving your tag
  • When you're ready to print, go to the log detail, tap "Print", then enter the quantity you'd like to print and tap "Print"

Example: Let's say you just harvested and you need to attach tags right now, but you don't know where they are going yet. Print out the tags with the information you have, then later when you know where they are going, head to the log entry, enter the "Ship to" information and print more tags.