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How do I record temperatures?

Controlling/recording temperature is critical for product safety

You can record temperatures at a few different spots.

  1. As you receive product you can record the receiving temperature.  If the product was previously iced/refrigerated, you can also record that.
  2. If a product needs to be re-temped, you can do that from the log view.  Note we will record the time, temp and person that did it so you will have a complete record. These re-temps will appear in your Receive Log Export.
  3. At shipping, you can also record the shipping temp.  Some folks use this for truck temperature, others use this for shellstock temperature. If you need more temperature fields, just ask, it's very easy to add more.

Note: In settings you can set the default receiving temperature and whether you use F or C.

Here's what the re-temp experience looks like inside the app:

Here's what it looks like if you need to see the history of your re-temps inside the app: