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How do I get an export of my log?

Exporting logs for HACCP, accounting, or other purposes are super easy using the app.

If you harvest/receive seafood and sell your products to others, chances are you need to create a log to capture that activity.

Transactions you record digitally in BlueTrace are available as exported files and can be used for HACCP and health inspections, and for local/state landing or dealer reports. 

The main idea: save time by not duplicating your efforts in a clipboard or a log book because you already have everything recorded in BlueTrace.

Tagging App: How to Export

Batched Harvest Log: Navigate to the "Log" screen inside the app, then in the upper left tap "Export" - pick if you want a spreadsheet (CSV) or PDF. This will include all the records in the app from whatever date range you specify.

Individual Log: Navigate to the "Log" screen inside the app, then tap one of the records displayed, you can tap "Export" and just get a PDF for this one entry in your log.

Here's how you get an individual export:


Here's an example individual log:

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 3.01.38 PM

Filtering the Logs

You can use the filters on the "Log" screens in the app to narrow down the information displayed. If you export from the Log screen after applying filters, your export will be filtered too.