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How do I use the BC Harvester app

Start printing tags and building your own DFO harvest log.

If you haven't already, download the BlueTrace Tag Printing app and log in with your username and password. 

There are three screens within the app: Enter Tag, Log, and Settings – but we’re going to start on the right.

First up:  Settings. Add everything that might end up on one of your tags or in your log, starting with Licence Holder Info and working your way down. Adding data like PFMA, Facility Reference #, and Landfile # now will make creating tags and log entries easier.


The Species field is a little different than the others. Tap in here and select every species that you handle. That way, you'll see only the types of animal relevant to you when creating a tag or log entry.

Once you have loaded your data into Settings, you can start printing tags and creating log entries. Tap into the Enter Tag screen (bottom left), fill out all required and relevant fields, hit Next (upper right), and input quantity. Save (upper right) prints tags and creates a log entry.


Once you record an activity, an entry is automatically created and added to your Log. You can export (upper left) this log at any time to generate a spreadsheet formatted according to DFO requirements.


Happy harvesting!