How do I set up my TSC DA220 printer?

This printer is designed to print using an external fanfold feed.

  1.  Open the box, plug it in.
  2. Open the clam shell, push the button to widen the guide far enough that the tags can fit through.
  3. Feed the labels in from the back(the printable side should be facing up).  
  4. Leave half a tag sticking out the front, close the lid, push the feed button 
  5. Connect the printer via bluetooth to your phone.
    1. iOS phone setting>Bluetooth
    2. The printer name will likely be: RF-BHS.
    3. Code: 0000
  6. Open the BlueTrace App, go to settings, push calibrate printer.  

From here you can start using your new printer.  Here is a video explanation.

HubSpot Video