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How do I log past activities?

BlueTrace allows you to log data from harvests or other activities that you have already completed. In British Columbia, this satisfies the DFO requirement that growers record seven years of past activities in their electronic, sortable log.

  1. In Settings, load data relating to activities other than Harvest. Source, Size (¼", 2380,...), Destination (one of your sites), etc.
  2. Select Activity Code on the Tag screen and fill out the rest of the relevant fields. Depending upon the activity, not all fields need to be filled. (Refer to DFO guidance doc.)
  3. Hit the green Next button in the upper-right and enter quantity data. For the logs, DFO does not care about the Count per ___, so feel free to leave this blank.
  4. Delete "# of tags to print" because we aren't printing tags. If you want to print tags associated with this lot you can at any time.
  5. Make sure "PRINT TAGS ON SAVE" towards the top of the screen is deselected.
  6. Tap Save in the upper right. The lot is saved in your log and will now populate the spreadsheet when you next export data that includes the activity date.

*Remember, every time you Export you can set the date range to whatever you want to show up in the spreadsheet. The default is set to capture one month to the day, but this can be changed easily by tapping and scrolling.