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Advanced shipping notices & app notifications (Tagging app)

When you're sending a customer a shipment, there are a few ways BlueTrace can help streamline your communications.

BlueTrace has two key features that can help you streamline communications with distributors or other customers. 

  1. Email-based shipping notices
  2. App-based push notifications

Email-based shipping notices:

These emails can be sent to ANY customer who is buying your product. 

  1. When you're filling out the tag details, toggle "send email to destination" to ON
  2. Enter the destination email (if you have already saved an email address for a customer in settings, this will be pre-filled)
  3. Save your tag and the email will be sent to your customer
  4. OR, simply go into a log detail you've already created and tap the "EMAIL" button

Here's an example of the shipping notice email:

App-based push notifications:

BlueTrace is growing, in part, through customers like you sharing their success using the BlueTrace app with their vendors and customers. As we help more of the industry, it makes it easier for us to create features which take some of the back and forth text messages, emails, and phone calls off your plate.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Make sure you have version 5.6.0 or higher of the BlueTrace tagging app installed
  2. When you install this version of the app, it will ask if you want permission, "Allow" them
  3. If you aren't sure if notifications are turned on:
    1. Go to "Settings" inside the BlueTrace app
    2. Tap "Notifications"
    3. Toggle on "Show notifications" - if you had previously denied permission for the app to send you notifications, you will have to:
      1. Go to settings on your device
      2. Tap "Notifications"
      3. Find BlueTrace Tag Printing
      4. Tap "Allow notifications" 

After you're setup you can streamline communications about orders to Distributors:

  1. Let's say one of the customers that buys from you is using the BlueTrace Distributor app - for this feature to work, they have to be using the app
  2. When they scan one of your tags, your two organizations will become "connected" for the purpose of sending notifications
  3. Next time you create a record in the Tagging app that's going to them, if they have allowed notifications, they will see a push notification saying "<Insert your name> has shipped your order. Check out the details in BlueTrace."
    1. They will be able to see the information about what you're sending them ahead of its arrival (don't worry, you can still change things on your side until it's received by the distributor and all the data will be updated)
  4. When the distributor receives your shipment using the BlueTrace Distributor app, YOU will get a push notification that says "<Insert distributor name> has received your order. View order.