What's in version 6.8.4 of the iOS App?

Check out the details for what's in this version.

Are you the original shipper?

  • Inspectors in a few states asked us to print "Original Shipper (if other than above)", even when YOU are the first shipper in the chain 
  • If you enter an original shipper in the app, then the original shipper's cert will still be printed on the tags like they are today

IMG_1689* Dealer tag shown above, original shipper doesn't appear on harvest tags

Tags to Print #" Matches "Container #":

  • When you filled in the # of bags, boxes, etc, sometimes it filled in the number of tags you'd like to print automatically and sometimes it didn't 
  • Now, the system will always auto-fill in the # of tags with what you entered for # of bags, boxes, jugs, etc.
  • But if you prefer to NOT do this, you can shut it off. In settings, switch OFF "Auto-Fill Tag # w/ Container #" (In Distributor app this is under "Operations", in Tagging app, this is under "Temp & Processing")


* Distributor app depicted above


PDF Export Per Log Item:

  • Export a PDF with the details of 1 item saved to the log
  • It's more readable!
  • Great for your HACCP log 

* Tagging app depicted above

Disable "Gross Quantities":

You can now shut off "gross quantities"

  • Switch OFF "Gross Quantities" in Settings
  • In the Distributor app this is under "Operations" 
  • In the Tagging app, this is under "Temp & Processing"

Here's why:

  • Most people shouldn't use the gross quantities for "10 x 100 Count Bags" or other common lots where you have a bunch of containers with the same thing in them.
  • Gross Quantities are meant to be used for one big lot, not a bunch of bags, boxes, or other containers.
  • A good use for Gross:  1 bushel, 500 unbagged oysters, 1 x 150 Lb Fish. 

Reach out if you need help using favorite quantities. 


* Tagging app depicted above

Distributor App Bug Fixes:

  • Icing/Refrigeration date couldn't be changed when you copied a receive log item and changed the vendor to a dealer
  • Fixed an issue we saw with scanning inventory labels while scanning them to build an order